Euro NF

Funding: IST FP7 Network of Excellence Web: http:// Euro NF gathered 35 partners, spanning over all Europe, around the theme of the Internet of the Future. This European initiatives aims at enhancing collaborations between different institutions, exploring every technological and socio-economical […]


Funding: IST FP6 Integrated Project Project Leader: Fraunhofer IAIS Web: IRRIIS aims at studying and proposing software-based solutions to the problem of Critical Infrastructures Interdependencies. This project focuses on the interdependencies between telecommunication and power networks. In this context, it aims […]


Funding: Foreign Affairs Ministry Partners: INRIA, CNRS, Southeast University (Nanjing, China), BITS Pilani (India), IIT Guwahati (India), Seoul National University (Korea), Information and Communications University (Korea) This project brought together French and Asian scientists who had developed well-recognized skills in […]


Funding: ANR RIAM program Partners: Trimaran Our contribution in this project focuses on applying ad hoc networking techniques to enhance communication capabilities of GPS-enabled tracking devices used in cyclist races. As these races often pass through areas in which cellular coverage […]


Funding: GET Period: 2006 i-Pluton has been a one-year collaboration between ENST and INT on the topic of DTN and ad hoc networking for spatial communications.

Euro FGI / Euro NGI

Funding: IST FP6 Network of Excellence Web: These two network of excellence have been the prequels to the current Euro NF NoE. They both brought together researchers from several institutions to exchange around the theme of next / future generation […]


Funding: GET Period: 2005 Capt’Adhoc has been a one-year collaboration around the theme of cross-layer design for Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor networks. Involving teams from different schools of the GET, it allowed researchers to meet and exchange around these […]