Social Networks

Even though I still did not figure out the true usefulness of it, here is

I do not guarantee the freshness of this data. If you happen to work/have worked with me, feel free to increase my degree, it always feels good.


Here is the vision that various databases have of my research:

Scientific High-Scoring

It’s all about numbers, isn’t it ?

My Erdös Number is 4 (see American Mathematical Society’s Collaboration Distance page)

My h-number is equal to18 according to Google Scholar

My entry in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Funny to see how small the world is, indeed.

I was there…

A partial (yet complex) map of the institutional world that surrounded me. The picture is far from complete, as the graph is really not planar (red stars represent laboratories member of the CNRS INS2I institute). It is not accurate anymore either, as many institutions and relationships changed names, vanished or appeared since I committed this graph. With the help of powerful visualization software, I may try and complete it someday.