Former Ph.D Students

  • Rémy Léone (Jun. 2016) – Intelligent gateways for wireless sensor networks
  • Sébastien Faye (Oct. 2014) – Distributed algorithms for a a wireless sensor network to control urban road traffic
  • Yacine Benchaïb (Apr. 2014) – Network experimentation through virtualization
  • N’deye Amy Dieng (Jan. 2014) – Indoor Localization in Wireless Networks
  • Erwing Sanchez (2010) – Preamble sampling optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ludovic Piètre-Cambacédès (Nov. 2010) – Interactions between security and safety
  • Alpha Diallo (Sep. 2010) – Interdependencies between power grids and telecommunication networks

 Former Engineers and post-docs

  • Julian Garbiso – Integration of the Electrical Vehicke in Smart Grids
  • Anis Ouni – localization in WBAN
  • Jihad Hamie – localization in WBAN
  • Michele Spina – Privacy and virtual identities
  • Walter Bellante – Privacy and virtual identities
  • Yacine Benchaïb – Network Virtualization for Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Salma Ktari – Brokers location for publish/subscribe in wireless sensor networks
  • Nicola Costagliola – Publish/subscribe in wireless sensor networks
  • Stéphane Bachelier – Position data analysis to characterize mobility patterns in cyclist races
  • Jean-Jacques Puig : localization in sensor networks

 Former Master Students

  • Federico Petruzzi (ENSIMAG) – Broadcast strategies in WBAN
  • Adel Lemrabet (Paris 8) – Flcoking algorithms for oblivious mobile robots
  • Siamak Solat (UPMC) – Scattering algorithms for oblivious mobile robots
  • Julian Garbiso (Télécom Breatgne) – Electrical vehicle recharge process in smart cities
  • Abdel Hamid Essaied (Supcom Tunis) – Publish/subscribe in wireless sensor networks
  • Lamia Allal (UPMC) – Integration of mobile robots in an experimental platform
  • Maciej Franecki (Télécom ParisTech) – Publish/subscribe in wireless sensor network
  • Rémi Villé (UPMC) – Data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
  • Abdealaziz Ktari (ENSI Mannouba, Tunisie)– Tools for clustering (high performance computing)
  • Vazoumana Fofana (UPMC) – Auto-organization in wireless sensor networks
  • Minh Tri Nguyen Luong (UPMC) – Security through mobility in Wi-Fi networks
  • Meng Bai (UPMC) – Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Alpha Amadou Diallo (UPMC) – Critical Infrastructure Protection