Future Internet (of Things)

Start date: march 2011
End date: march 2014 (installation) ; march 2022 (exploitation)
Funding: Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) – Equipements d’excellence
Partners: UPMC Sorbonne Universités, Inria, ICube

The work program of the FIT project will consist in establishing the different sites with a set of competitive testbeds including wireless and wired technologies, with a strong emphasis on sensors, networked and embedded objects, multihop and cognitive radio, mobility and overlays. FIT is by nature a distributed facility, involving heterogeneous devices in a set of complementary components situated in adequate and relevant locations. These testbeds are original not only in the cutting edge technologies that they offer, but also in their federated management system, which will provide experimenters a set of common methods to access and control numerous facilities.

The goal of the FIT experimental facility is to meet these advanced user requirements by providing access to: very large scale mobile wireless sensor networks, a large number of networked devices like home gateways connected to embedded communicating objects, wireless access networks with cognitive radio capabilities, distributed networks and their combinations, all through federation. The specialized facilities can be used for in depth investigations and initial validation while the cross domain and segment research on the facility enables integration of new concepts and results in larger scale and realistic environments for tuning, validation and adoption.

Télécom ParisTech staff

  • Claude Chaudet, Associate Professor
  • Yacine Benchaïb, Research Engineer