Institut Villebon Georges Charpak

Institut Villebon Georges Charpak is a new school destined to scientific students that show great curiosity for science but do not find their way in the classical learning methods. It was created by ParisTech, University Paris Descartes (Paris V), University Paris South (Paris XI) and by the Paris Saclay Campus and it is supported, through the ParisTech foundation, by several industrial companies.

Institut Villebon Georges Charpak welcomes small classes (90 students) and organizes studies around inter-disciplinary questions rather than scientific disciplines, focusing on the links and similitudes between scientific fields. With a great part of the studies dedicated to project-based learning, tutoring from professionals and from other students, it aims to act as a teaching innovation center.

Opening at the fall 2013, the Institute grants a scientific license degree with two specialities: biotechnologies and physics, mathematics and computer science engineering. It is open to students with a scientific or technological baccalaureate and opens to master studies as well as professional insertion.

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