Sécurité des Infrastructures et Analyse de Risques (Infrastructure Safety and Risk Analysis)

Start date: december 2009
End date: june 2013
Funding: Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) – programme CSOSG
Partners: Atos Origin, Grenoble INP G2ELab / LIG, FP Conseil, EDF R&D, CEA LIST

SINARI is an research project funded by the french research agency (ANR) through the third Global Security (Concepts Systèmes et Outils pour la Sécurité Globale) call.

This project deals with the protection of networks and infrastructures by studying the impact of the failures of the ICT systems on the power distribution networks. Indeed,  information and communication technologies are used everywhere and need to be trusted. Today, trust is based on blind procedures and common mechanics that fail to take fully into account vulnerabilities that result from the dependencies between electrical distribution networks, information infrastructures (e.g. datacenters) and the communication networks.

These dependencies require a new and integrated vision of the global security and to redefine risk analysis accordingly. Moreover, these dependencies tend to make the systems more and more open, and therefore more and more exposed to accidental or intentional intrusions. The aim of SINARI in this context, is to enhance the security of functions/elements/systems that are essential in the global picture and to propose operational security models.

It consists in identifying and characterizing a certain number of threats and vulnerabilities that are inherent to these infrastructures, and to list countermeasures that apply to the power grid ICT infrastructures. Threats and countermeasures shall be demonstrated over a physical platform deployed at G2ELab, Grenoble.

Télécom ParisTech staff

  • Artur Hecker, Associate Professor
  • Claude Chaudet, Associate Professor