Institut Villebon Georges Charpak

Institut Villebon Georges Charpak is a new school destined to scientific students that show great curiosity for science but do not find their way in the classical learning methods. It was created by ParisTech, University Paris Descartes (Paris V), University […]


FIT is a platform construction project funded by the “Equipements d’excellence” call. It aims at building a large-scale and federated experimental platform that can be accessed by researchers worldwide to conduct experiments in the Internet of Things. It is composed of wireless sensor networks platforms, cognitive radio platforms and wireless (SDN) platforms, interconnected together through a federation architecture.

SEIDO Joint Lab

SEIDO is a joint lab between Telecom ParisTech and EDF R&D on the Internet of Things and on its security in next generation electrical networks. Started in 2012, it deals with performance and security of micro-grids, smart grids and smart […]